About Us

Air Power System.Co., Ltd. Selling, Importing Air compressor, Air Dryer, Air System element. We'r also producing air reciever tank with ASME standards.The expert technician and Prefessional Engineer always here to give advice, and solve problems for our customer. 

        We have been in business for more than 20 years, taking care of more than 140 customers, both large industrial plants and small and medium-sized businesses. In the beginning, we traveled abroad to study product information and search for the best quality Air Compressor and Air Dryer. 

       We started from a small business with a small factory. until enlarged. Until it is a factory that can produce Air Dryer, Filter Element, Recieve Tank. We have tools for repair work, Over Haul,  Inspection work, And other related work to support customer.

           We have professional engineers to take care of you. and give advice on the Air system There are various system checks. For example, Check Vibration, Check Temparature, Chack Leak, Chaeck Connect Main Power.We have coordination with customers to inquire about the rules for working in the customer's area. And strictly abide by the rules.


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