Fire hose

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ท่อดับเพลิง, ติดตั้งท่อดับเพลิง

Industrial plants need fire hoses for the following main reasons:

  1. Protect life and property:
    Industrial plants are at high risk of fire. Due to the use of flammable materials electrical machinery and a lot of heat
    Having a fire hose will help you get the fire under control quickly. Prevent it from escalating.
    Helps reduce loss of life and property.
  2. Follow the law:
    Labor protection laws and fire prevention and suppression laws require industrial plants to install standardized fire extinguishing systems.
    Factories that do not have fire hoses or fire hoses that are not up to standard may be fined. or was ordered to close the business
  3. Build employee confidence:
    Having a fire hose will help employees feel safer.
    Work efficiently
    Reduce the risk of accidents
  4. Maintain the company's reputation:
    A fire in a factory can have a negative impact on a company's reputation.
    Having a fire hose will reduce the risk of a fire.
    Maintain a good company reputation

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