Air Dryer : Power Dryer PD Series (Refrigeration)


Elevated humidity level and high Ambient temperatures generate challenging workload for the air compressors and dryers. To operate in high humidity environment, air dryers need to be specially designed for high durability. Power Dryer PD series refrigeration compressed air dryer is suitable for humidity environment as it was developed in Thailand where located in tropical areas. The dryer combines high capacity equipments such as heat-exchangers with a strong feature for unsurpassed durability. For his reason, all Power Dryers provide stadily operation at 3°C tdp in even various climate conditions and excellent for long-term investment.

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  • Our Power Dryer was designed with hight quality refrigeration compressor which performance can be maintained.
  • Water separator, evaporator and pre-cooler of Power Dryers are all combining within all-in-one modular structure design.
  • Materials are specially treayed to be anticorrosive. Especially coating on the surface of the air condenser and it protects finished gas from second contamination.
  • The cooling energy is recycled by the pre-cooler for almost 90%. As a result, the energy consumption of compressed refrigerant air dryer is highly reduced and the evaporator load is efficiently reduced.
  • Ensure excellent PDP. The parts of the Power Dryer being tested separately, and greatly eliminate leakage risk.
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